The workshop will be held at Marriott (Av Presidente Kennedy 5741) in the Sierra Nevada Room!


As imaging matures and computing power increases, a new set of methodologies and imaging modalities are emerging that can be labeled as “Extreme.” The characterization “extreme” stems from system or processing considerations relative to time scale, spatial extent, object size, processing speed, unconventional environments and data size. An interesting attribute of extreme imaging approaches is that once they become better understood and used in applications, they enter the mainstream and are no longer considered extreme. One of the objectives of this workshop is to bring to the forefront such promising approaches and accelerate their development by engaging a larger portion of the community. Another objective of the workshop is to push the limits of imaging and computer vision research to areas, modalities and systems that have not yet been explored.

Several key topics are:

Invited Speakers


Steve Seitz

Bernhard Schoelkopf

Wolfgang Heidrich

Marc Levoy

University of Washington/Google
Max Planck Institute
The University of British Columbia
The Holodeck
Exo-Planet Imaging via Causal Error Modeling
Imaging Transient Effects
Extreme Imaging Using Cell Phones


Michael Cohen

Ray Jones

Katie Bouman

Harvard University
Gigapixel Cameras
Connectome Project
Imaging with The Event Horizon Telescope


Bill Freeman

Andreas Savakis


Banner image of Alma Radio Observatory in Chile